Monday, January 9, 2017

Defending The Indefensible

I've lowered my personal standards several times throughout my life just like everyone else.  We all do it.  Most of  us, though, are fortunate enough to keep our transgressions out of the public domain. 

Yet, every time I see a highlight of a Kellyanne Conway interview, like this one trying to defend Donald Trump after Meryl Streep's comments last night at the Golden Globes, I can't help think that she must be going through a major battle in her mind / soul of continually defending and trying to put a positive spin on some of Trump's most indefensible public comments.  

I'm sure there's a constant back and forth where behind closed doors she sees some of his finer qualities as a human being and then there are the indefensible moments that come out where she is tasked with spinning, changing the subject, completely avoiding the question, pivoting, and talking in circles on TV on behalf of the president-elect.  

To me, that kind of indirect evasion would be a very difficult thing to internalize.  If it were me, I'd have a red phone to a therapist to process my thoughts several times a day, being reminded why I took the job, what the benefits are, and to get a quick reminder that it would only be for a year or two and that a lucrative book deal was waiting by the golden light at the end of the tunnel.  The therapist would have to reinforce that selling out my soul was only temporary and that it was merely a means to an end, that I was using the future president as a springboard to a new future.  

But, it's not me. And I'm no longer in therapy.  (It was a great experience, though!).  I've become pretty self-reflective over the years after going through some high highs and low lows.  And having reflected on several mistakes and paying the consequences, I just couldn't sell my soul to do something that I didn't believe in even if the money was spectacular.  

For the sake of her mental happiness, I hope that Kellyanne Conway fully believes that Trump has the potential to be a great leader.  But, I get the feeling, that since she appears to be highly intelligent and linguistically gifted, that she sees the man for all his out-sized strengths and weaknesses.   And I would assume that it creates a lot of cognitive dissonance and takes a lot of energy to come up with the answers to spin his statements on TV.  

That's all that I have for today.  I guess that I never could have been a PR person. 

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