Thursday, October 6, 2016

Mt Bachelor Snow In October 2016!

This morning, I was driving back to the house after taking Artie on his walk along the river trail and noticed that the Three Sisters were covered in snow.   Then I checked the Mt. Bachelor website and saw the webcams, which showed the mountain covered in snow.  Hard to believe that on October 6th, we'd have a mountain covered in snow.  

I know that we'll go through some ebs and flows of this snow melting in the coming days and weeks.  But still, this is a good sign that we'll have a nice cold, snowy winter here in Bend.  

Selling Ignorance Is Amazingly Lucrative!

The only thing that I have to say about this clip is that preying on people's ignorance must be very lucrative because a lot of people are being snookered by this nonsense like voter fraud or rigged elections. And someone, or many someones, are making a lot of money peddling BS to the masses who want to apparently be badly deceived over and over again until they believe it to be 100% true.

One year from now, the Trump TV Network will be his silly campaign nonsense times 24, for 24 hours a day of non-stop Trumpisms and Trump worldviews. And people will eat it up!  They will buy shirts with his face emblazoned on the front, wigs similar to his hairdo, steaks, wine, birth certificates, Rosie O'Donnell masks, Hillary for prison T-shirts, walls for Mexico, Sean Hannity wine glasses, softballs with the cast of Fox and Friends' faces, giant sized Donald Trump hands, "Make America Great Again" hats that were made in China, Trump ties that were made in Vietnam, Trump timeshares, Trump Tax Calculators, Trump college degrees in a week, penny stocks comprised of Trump casinos, prepaid legal services to sue the shit out of your neighbor, ghostwritten books, defective lie detectors that cannot detect a lie, and much, much more!

Running for president was merely the loss leader advertising campaign for the new network that will be hocking Trump gear all day long like The Home Shopping Network. It's going to be the best and classiest with the best people cutting the best deals.  And one person will make a ton of money off other people's willful ignorance.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Snow Visible From Bend On Mt Bachelor

This morning from River Bend Park in Bend, we had the first sighting of snow up on Mt. Bachelor, which fell last night.  Normally, I'd be pretty happy about the first sign of winter, but it's only October 3rd and I'd still like to experience fall here in beautiful Central Oregon.  

Plus, it was very cold this morning with a slight wind that made it even chillier.  

Hopefully, we have a sunny and not so windy October here in Bend because I'd like to get some running and cycling in before the snow arrives.