Monday, October 26, 2015

Mt Bachelor Gets Snow Again!!

It's an understatement that I'm looking forward to ski season 2015-2016 here in Central Oregon.  I moved to Bend at the beginning of October so that I'd only have a 25 minute drive up to Mt. Bachelor any day of the week.  Plus, it's beautiful here and since I can work from anywhere, why not live somewhere awesome like Bend?

As I drove back from Portland this morning after running the 2015 Run Like Hell yesterday, I saw Mt. Hood had fresh snow as did the seven mountains from Mt. Jefferson south to Mt. Bachelor.  The picture above is Mt. Bachelor at 1:55 PM on October 26th.

Hopefully the El Nino brings a lot of snow to the Pacific Northwest, giving us a Thanksgiving to June ski season.  I'm really hoping to go up to Mt. Bachelor 75+ times this year.  That's the goal.  Hopefully the weather gods cooperate and bring this to fruition.