Friday, January 24, 2014

That Part In Anchorman 2 About Just Giving People Stupid Stuff For The News Really Is True

As evidenced here by MSNBC cutting over to a breaking story about Justin Bieber getting arrested in Miami for drag racing, as shown here on Youtube: 

Seriously, we have entered a period where dumbed down entertainment crap about 20 year old singers smoking pot, drinking, and drag racing is more important than an interview about the president's half-hearted speech about cutting back on domestic spying on American citizens.  No, cable news has sunk to a new low which isn't good.   

Ron Burgundy fictitiously pioneered this concept in Anchorman 2 by dumbing down the news when he went live to a low-speed police chase in Milwaukee, as Ron speculated that the man could be tall, skinny, high on drugs, and a career criminal.  Instead, it was a senile old man.  (Yes, I know it's fiction, but Anchorman 2 mocked how news had started to shift from real news to fluff news in the 1980s). 

As for  Beiber.  I could care less what a 20 year kid with millions of dollars does with his life.  It doesn't impact me (except for it caused me to write this post).   The kid has talent, as evidenced by his brilliant performance on "Between Two Ferns" with Zach Galifinakais: 

Before we know it, MSNBC, will start airing the Real Housewives shows or something Khardashians in their quest to gain ground in the ratings to Fox News.  Until then, we're going to be relegated to breaking celebrity news stories, which obviously appeal much more to audiences than the ongoing story of how far domestic spying has come and how much further it will be going.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Powder Day At Mt. Hood Meadows A Gift From The Snow Gods

Yesterday I took the day off and went to Mt. Hood Meadows with my friends Dave, who bears a striking resemblance to Leonidas from 300, and Jeff Cohen, who is looking more and more like a very dignified professor from Oregon State with his trimmed beard, reading glasses, and an Audi Allroad Quattro.

After last week's dumping of two feet of snow on Mt. Hood, the bowls off Blue and Express along with the Face under the chair lift had about 10 inches of soft fresh powder.  The snow kept falling all through the morning, making visibility a little tough from time-to-time but the forgiving powder made up for the lack of visibility.

Bowls One through Four off Ridge Run were pretty awesome yesterday, even when visibility was limited.  The first time we dropped into Four Bowl we were laughing like little kids because the powder was so soft and forgiving.

In the early afternoon, the sun broke through and the blue sky appeared.  Despite our burning thighs, we stayed out on the slopes until 3:15.  I'm definitely paying it for today!

The forecast calls for warm weather for the next ten days.  That's fine by me.  When the next storm shows up, I plan on heading back up to the mountain with Leonidas and Jeff Cohen for some big powder skiing.